New Evidence Suggests Big Bang Theory Never Should Have Happened

Las Vegas, Nevada — There are many things in this world which cannot be explained. The McRib only being available certain times of the year. The PT Cruiser finding success. How Lindsay Lohan is still alive. But, there is only one phenomenon scientists have been working around the clock to solve. The popularity of The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

While they have not found an answer yet, they have found evidence to suggest the show should have never happened in the first place. If true, this could have saved millions from having to suffer the fate of having to watch the show or hear fans say, “Bazinga!” It even could have saved everyone from cringing at hearing someone say “big bang theory” in a capacity relating to science.

“This is a very complex idea we’re dealing with, the big bang theory. The show, not the important thing. Have you seen who watches the show? Men, women, children, grandparents, deaf people, blind people, dead people. That show is way too popular and we’re trying to figure out why,” said lead researcher Jason Penn.

During their research, they found documents from a CBS executive suggesting the show would be, “Lame. I don’t think anyone would find it funny. Why would we waste money on a show which will clearly fail? I say pass.”

Penn adds, “This discovery is huge. If we ever develop time travel, and we are close, then we can go back and convince the rest of the executives to vote no on green-lighting the show.”

For people who hate The Big Bang Theory, the news is a breath of fresh air for the past and/or future of TV.

“Believe me, I have tried watching the show. I gave it a chance, but it’s just not good at all. Lowbrow humor, with unlikable characters, and that laugh track. God, talk about antiquated,” said Robin Jones, long time TV fan.

Despite not being able to change The Big Bang Theory currently, the researchers will continue to study this much loved and much hated show. One can hope another other group of scientists will discover time travel. It might be this group’s only hope.


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