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A 2030 Job

When I was in my teens I always thought about how my parents struggled with technology. How I was the one who always had the answers when they had questions. I’d grown to believe I would never have the same experiences with my children; since I grew up with tech and didn’t discover it midway…

7 Moments

Each afternoon played out the same way for John. It had been this way for years. Although his view of it changed throughout the years both physically and mentally. He watched as his father drank from the age of three to eight. The same exact hours he would drink during the day. It started early,…

How to Be a Smart Shopper

If there is one thing I have learned in my years alive, it is how to survive as a consumer in a world driven by money. But how, you ask? The easy answer would be to amass money, and then proceed to not spend said money. But as you and I, and business know, that…

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