A 2030 Job

When I was in my teens I always thought about how my parents struggled with technology. How I was the one who always had the answers when they had questions. I’d grown to believe I would never have the same experiences with my children; since I grew up with tech and didn’t discover it midway… Continue reading A 2030 Job


Press Reset Book Review

Jason Schreier is synonymous with video game crunch. Click on a report about a studio and their crunch culture, and you will surely see Schreier’s name attached. He’s helped open up public discussion about working conditions within the industry. Even if not much has changed, it’s helped shine a light on the draining work developers… Continue reading Press Reset Book Review

New Evidence Suggests Big Bang Theory Never Should Have Happened

Las Vegas, Nevada -- There are many things in this world which cannot be explained. The McRib only being available certain times of the year. The PT Cruiser finding success. How Lindsay Lohan is still alive. But, there is only one phenomenon scientists have been working around the clock to solve. The popularity of The… Continue reading New Evidence Suggests Big Bang Theory Never Should Have Happened